So why is it so unique?

    From the very start - design, calculations to the making of patterns, casting of castings from aluminum, brass and bronze to the final machining and advertising is done by single person - by me. That is why is this engine so unique than the machinery made today. Everything have to be learned - from calculations to how to refine and cast metals. Pressing the crankshaft and cylindrical grinding to the highest possible accuracy is one of the many stories like digging the proper casting sand in the forest behind the village.

    All the manufacturing is done inside my workshop. I use the proper old techniques like shaping on the shaping machine instead of milling and so on. Casting technique is called green sand casting (bentonite bonded sand). I do not use the CNC at all. CNC is not the proper way how to manufacture something with the spirit of the golden era of steam engines.

    This engine is meant to be used in the river / sea launch with appropriate boiler. Also it can be used with the proper electric generator or just for the beauty of it - standing alone and running it on the air. 

    Nevertheless these steam engines are ready to find their new home. Also you can ask me for manufacturing the engine or locomotive you wish in this bigger scale. Do not be shay to ask!

wick oiler
model steam engine

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