Edison's dynamo Ready to Run
Technical data
Voltage output
Estimated power output
Overall dimensions
w x d x h      
alu castings, steel, brass
600 / 1200 rpm
6V / 12V
few wats for powering array of LEDs
160 x 133 x 132 mm

    This is very detailed Ready to Run model of Edison's Dynamo. It can be driven by most steam engines - eg. from Stuart model range to IC motors. You will need to run it over 1000 rpm - so the 2:1 or 3:1 flywheel ration (engine to dynamo) will do it. Then you can expect the output around 12 volts with enough power to supply electricity for array of LEDs. The magnetic field in columns comes from strong neodymium magnets located at their tops.

It can be directly powered by 18-24V battery pack supplied with ordinary cordless tools. So you can use it to crank your steam engine without steam when you are on exhibition. Simple and easy!


This is manufactured on request product so expect 2 weeks of delay before dispatch. Anyway we will inform you on exact schedule.

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