Edison's dynamo castings KIT
Dynamo Drawings
Technical data
Number of castings
Base plate dimensions
w x d x h 
Overall dimensions
w x d x h 
5 pcs
135 x 133 x   20 mm
160 x 133 x 132 mm

    This KIT consists of five aluminium castings, rotor and drawings. The magnets can be supplied as well. The castings are the base plate, two bearing holders, flywheel and brush holder.

   We worked hard so we can offer you the full KIT with 12 handmade drawings now! For those who are eager to start building this beautiful old piece of machinery the option to buy the castings is now open!

   Please keep in mind that you will need some parts from your secret parts drawer - namely: cotton insulated wire to give the coils the right look. You can use normal thin copper wire as well.

    Our dense aluminium castings are best machined by carbide tipped tools but ordinary tool steel will do as well.

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