Model & Parts Manufacturing

    Would you like to build the model of locomotive, traction engine or steam engine? But you have not got the time. Or there are some tricky parts to manufacture? Or you need some special expensive tools to make it?

Now there is a simple solution! Ask us! We will be happy to make it for you!

    It is our job and we like it! Whenever it will be live steam locomotive (5 Inch or 7 1/4 Inch Scale), traction engine, steam plant or anything mechanical we are sure we will be able to help you or in any case give you good advice. Actually we also have some bigger machining equipment so we can work from the small scales up to real life sizes. And if we have not got the right machine, we definitely know who has.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! 

    TIP: You can use the form bellow to give us your requests and questions. If you you wish to add pictures to your e-mail please use your e-mail client. Our address is

Here are the parts and working assemblies manufactured for Atkinson steam wagon in 3" scale. There are springs from spring wire on the levers so to operate the levers is real joy for the driver. Handles are polished and the rest is left for painting.

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