Our Foundry

    We had to start from scratch. At the beginning there was nothing. But step-by-step, day after day, year after year we gathered the knowledge, skills, and right judgement for the craft. The only problem we had was where to find the right equipment. There is no simple answer. Usually there are some older founders / moulders in the country but they still try to keep their businesses running even in retirement. You can buy some of new equipment but this is an exception rather than rule. And the nowadays literature? To know what is generally possible is not the same as the exact technique how to achieve the results.


But we made it! It took a lot of time and effort but now we can use these moulding techniques:

  • green sand

  • dry sand

  • chemically bonded sand

  • oil bonded sand

  • investment casting using the lost wax method

        With our know-how we can judge which method will give us the best result for the particular situation. And of course - we make our own patterns and tooling!

    In presence we are using electric furnaces to melt the aluminium and other alloys. Electrical melting gives the best control over the whole melting process and alloys. Also we use the refining additives from our own mixtures - all right this is a little bit over engineered but we could not resist. Also we use various ceramic mixtures and coatings by our own recipes. And did we mention that we even make our own crucibles and that we build all our furnaces? What to say more? GIVE US A TRY!

wood pattern steam chest
Aluminium flywheel
wood pattern

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