Vertical Double Acting Steam Engine
Technical data
Operating pressure
Maximum pressure
Flywheel diameter
Overall dimensions
w x d x
72.6 mm
50 mm
2 - 6 bars
6 bars
600 rpm
18 kg
280 mm
30 x 35 x 45 cm

    Model of vertical double acting steam engine. It is made ready-to-run on air. Why on air? Nowadays the compressed air is the easiest achievable source of energy for our engines. It has similar qualities as a steam - of course just to some extend. We miss the phase transitions from liquid to gas, temperatures and lots of other characteristics. But still we have something very close to the original "materia".

    This engine is designed from the very beginning. It took 2 years of work from the start to the functional prototype. We design it, made the patterns, we cast it in our small workshop foundry, we machined the castings and all other parts and assembled it together. Than we tested it and made necessary adjustments. What is in the front of you now is not the chaos of the universe but the man-made masterpiece.

    This engine is finished to very high standards. Bu do not be worried. There is still plenty of space to give it your own personality. You can change the look by adding the paint of your choice. You can convert it to be run on steam. What about to add the crankshaft driven centrifugal governor or boiler water pump? Would you like to install it in a river launch or attach belt driven generator? Did you ever dream that you can have your own workshop "power plant" - but the way how it was used one century ago - add the flat belt and directly drive your own equipment. And do you know what? It is ready-to-run on air so you can quickly use it and show it to your family, friends or business partners on air without the necessity to have the boiler. And you can show it with your additions at various fairs where the live-steaming is not possible.

    This is very sophisticated product and we would like to deliver it to you with the best service. We will be happy if you will contact us for additional information. We are able to give you the shipping option which will suit you best. Also we can show you and demonstrate the engine prior the purchase - but this option is restricted to German and Austrian clients only due our geographical location and we will need some securing deposit for travel expenses. This deposit will be than deducted from the final price.

    On the images above is our "demonstrator" engine. If you would like to order this engine please keep in mind that this product is manufactured on demand and you will probably need to wait before the dispatch. Please contact us for information regards availability of finished engines and possible waiting times.

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